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Hello, welcome to Styriam channel.
Today, we'd like to show you our new ICC Image Compressor addon which is capable of compressing your scene textures up to 70%, exporting animated GIFs and managing color profiles. If you have ever noticed that images saved in Blender tend to look different in other programs, then this video is for you!
Let's start with compression.
As an example, I'll use the famous benchmark classroom scene that you can download from the link in the video description.
I used a simple python code line to print the size of all textures in this project. As you can see it sums up almost to 68 MB of jpeg and png files.
At this moment this function cannot traverse linked libraries so I'll make all assets local first.
PNG and JPEG files can be compressed by the state-of-the-art algorithms included in OptiPNG and mozJPEG open source libraries.
As can be seen in the operator panel you can choose file types to be processed, their quality and compression ratio.
Also, you can choose to convert JPEGs to PNGs. We'll skip this for now.
Compression took less than 3 minutes, the report containing processed files can be found in the INFO panel.
Let's check the new size of texture assets. 35.50 MB!
As most of them are PNG files their size can be reduced even further by converting them to JPEGs.
Let's turn on the 'Convert PNG to JPEG' option and disable the 'Compress JPEGs' to avoid processing jpegs multiple times. Also, let's remove PNG files. All assets will be relinked to suitable images.
Size reduced to 16 MB.
MozJPEG library gives you much better quality for size ratio than other popular programs. Nevertheless, you should avoid converting non-color data to JPEGs, especially normal maps. At the moment this operator will skip converting files that have a phrase 'norm' in their file names.
Next, let's talk about color profiles.
As you can see in this example colors rendered in Blender and Krita do not match. It is caused by a display color profile loaded into the system and Blender's inability to work with it. Images created in Blender are viewed in your display color space but saved in sRGB space which is OK only when you use system's default sRGB profile. This issue can be solved either by attaching the display color profile to the image or by converting the image to the sRGB color space. Both solutions are covered by this addon.
Click new operator in the Image menu called 'Save As (advanced)'. It works similarly to regular Save As operator but is constrained to JPEG and PNG files. Also, it includes new checkboxes allowing you to enable formerly discussed compression, embed ICC profile or convert image to the output color space.
Last but not least is the GIF export.
First, render the animation you want to convert to GIF. Notice that global Color Profile and Compression settings in the output settings panel have impact on the rendered animation frames. In this case 'Convert to Output Color Space' is used because GIF format does not support color profiles.
After converting to the sRGB space the animation viewed in Blender will seem to be oversaturated. Again, it is caused by Blender's inability to handle color profiles.
Now, go to the GIF Export Panel. Enable 'Use existing frames' checkbox to use frames that have just been rendered or disable it to render the animation again.
Chose one of two GIF production methods: PIL or FFMPEG. The latter requires FFMPEG executable to be installed in your system but gives much better quality.

ICC Image Compressor

The compression feature works only in Windows!

This addon come into existence to make Blender less dependant on external software regarding color management and compression. It brings ability to compress png and jpg textures of your assets with widely recognized OptiPNG and mozJPEG libraries. Work on textures of selected objects or manipulate every image in the image editor.

Attach ICC color profiles to your pictures or convert their color spaces, even frames during animation rendering can be affected.

Also, with Image Compressor you can export GIFs converted to your display color space. Use standard PIL method or FFMPEG to produce beautiful GIFs.

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