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DPI Calculator

With our dpi converter you can simply and fast calculate necessary resolution for printing image in specific dpi. Calculating required dpi for printing is very important for good quality prints, when you create render with Blender or other software you need to specify render resolution according to print paper size or format.

DPI Converter usefull for Blender

Image dpi calculator allow you to calculate accurate dpi/resolution conversion. With this tool you can calculate resolution needed for print. With this tool for Blender, dpi calculator, image calculator you can do conversion between dpi and resolution. Useful tool for calculating print resolution, scan resolution or determination image size in many other cases. Scanning and printing DPI Resolution calculator.

Easy Resolution Calculation

Online DPI Pixel Calculator for calculating resolution and image processing and printing. A tool to help calculate dpi for pdf documents as well as A4, A3, A5, letter printouts.
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Using the dpi calculator

Just select the direction of converting pixels to centimeters or centimeters to pixels. Then select the width and height and the expected DPI value using the checkboxes or enter your own value. Press the conversion button to get the result. Using the copy button, you will copy the converted dimensions value with the corresponding dpi to the clipboard. The dpi calculator uses a simple formula to calculate resolution depending on dpi.

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